I'm not a snake in the grass, I'm a seal on the beach.
Where do they serve the best water?
Hey Todd, do you know where I can get any low level fireworks?
It's about to get poetic Bridgeport.
Nothing heavy,
but I want service.
Maple syrup is
so romantic!
The parade is at noon. Forecast is low 40s with 0% chance of rain.
Dontcha' just want to go home and tell old stories?
Before we settle in shouldn't we head into town for some sundries?
I feel like older folks are always frisky during the holidays.
8:30? Great thirty.
This pizza tastes like Yankees stadium. It does.
Man, I don't sing.
I don't sing sober.
Sorry for being such a weenie.
Immature Ben
has to just say
I might post up
for a milkshake.
My first french
kiss was at
church camp.

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